– 592HD/592LHD
-Built with an aftermarket billet piston and front cover for rigidity and strength. The lock-up piston is replaced with .300” thick billet piston fitted 42% wider high energy lining. The stock stator is updated for strength and reliability to withstand much higher horsepower applications. New impeller bearing and a bearing is added between the stator and the turbine.

-Top of the Line unit contains all the best parts money can buy. Contains a furnace brazed impeller and turbine to insure life-long integrity of the fin assembly even in high-load/heavy duty situations. Unit has an aftermarket billet triple disc lock-up piston and billet front cover for improved lock-up function and durability. The unit is also built with an aftermarket stator containing a one-way roller clutch assembly to withstand higher horsepower applications. This stator also reduces stall speed by 200 RPM below OEM unit. Stall speed will be roughly 1600 RPM. Upon request for an additional charge, it can be built using a stator providing a 300-RPM reduction to factory stall speed. Rated up to 1100 ft. lbs. torque.

-Built to same specs as 592LXD but unit contains stator that lowers stall to 1500 RPM, rated up to 1200 ft. lbs. torque.