Stock to Mild Chip situations.

We offer 592LHD for the 47RE, 48RE, and 618 diesels. This torque converter is rebuilt on a solid foundation that includes an after-market billet cover with increased lockup surface thickness and solid flywheel interface to ensure no lockup surface distortion or flex. This is a benefit for the lockup clutch to withstand higher engine torque and to better endure towing/hauling situations. The piston/clutch is a Billet SAE1045 forging with no dampener springs to rattle or break which improves durability over stock. The stator is updated to repair a common one-way roller clutch problem. A bearing is added between stator and turbine. Unit also contains a reinforced turbine. The 592LHD is a middle option for stock to mild chip situations.


Extreme duty and radical chip applications producing high horsepower and torque.

592LXD for the 618 Diesel 47RE / 48RE transmission.

We also offer a 592LXD for the 47RE, 48RE, and 618 diesels. This unit encompasses ALL the best parts money can buy. Contains a furnace brazed impeller and turbine to ensure life-long integrity and stability of the fin assembly even in high-load/heavy duty situations. Unit has an aftermarket billet front cover with a triple-disc lockup piston for improved lockup function and durability. A bearing is added between the stator and turbine. The unit is also built with an aftermarket stator containing a one-way roller clutch assembly to withstand higher horsepower applications. This stator also reduces stall speed by 200 RPM below OEM unit. Upon request for an additional charge, unit can be built using a stator providing a 300 RPM reduction to factory stall speed.


Please give use a call for pricing and availability. 1-800-622-4836 or 1-515-573-8800