In 1993, Fort Dodge Transmission acquired a 20-bay, 12 hoist modern shop facility available for R&R and diagnostic needs. Fort Dodge Transmission offers a referral program to assist you in meeting customer needs you otherwise might not be able to accommodate. Call our Serivce Department for referral program information. In addition to R&R and diagnostic services, Fort Dodge Transmission also offers full automotive and small truck service and repair.

With our fully certified ASE mechanics, computerized Mitchell Repair and Diagnostic Service, and the latest electronic testing equipment, we are able to tackle even your toughest automotive diagnostic and repair needs. We also offer a full line of services to keep your vehicle in top running condition, year around. Call our Service Department for an appointment.

Power Flushing

This pan and filter came off a transmission that was “power flushed” with the pan on and had 13 quarts of fresh fluid added. This service took place 4 days ago at a “quick change” type business. Note the debris in the filter and the sediment in the pan. This is why we DO NOT use this type of power flush system and we NEVER WILL. Unfortunately, the customer did and ended up paying a lot more in the long run.

There are power flush systems that are designed to be used with the pan and filter removed. This type of system, if used correctly, will give your transmission a good cleaning. Before having your transmission serviced, ask your mechanic what type of service you will be receiving. Make sure that the pan will be removed and the filter (if applicable) will be checked and changed if necessary.