This guide will help you to identify your transmission and assemble the information needed to order a replacement. As you go through the guide, the information we need to process your order will be printed in RED. Please read the entire guide before ordering. Thank you.

To properly identify your transmission the following information is needed:

Year Make Model Engine Size

The VIN 8th digit is the “Engine ID” and the 10th digit is the “Year”


1986-1990 AXOD Side pan has “AXOD” printed on it and it has a T.V. cable.


1988-1990 Look at electrical connector on firewall side of transmission by the side oil pan. A 3.0 Liter should have a 5-wire black connector and the 3.8 Liter should have a 6-wire white connector that pushes into the case. (The cars wiring plug in may be black).

1991-Up AXOD-E Side pan has “AXOD or AX4N” printed on it and there is an extra electrical connector where the T.V. cable used to be.

1991-Up Lincoln Has a gray round case connector.

1991 Ford & Mercury Uses AXOD-E with black square case connector. (MUST VERIFY PRODUCTION DATE (91 OR 92))!

1992 ONLY-ALL MODELS Is top case connector gray (round) or white (D shaped)?

1995-Up AX4N Side pan has “AX4N” printed on it and no T.V. cable.

2000-Up Ax4n have a midcase speed sensor. No speedo hole

Starting 2001 4F50N simular to AX4N, will have 4F50N stamped on tin side cover or it will have an aluminium side cover

In 2005 for the Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable u will have to determine if it has a tall converter hub or a short converter hub.  A tall converter hub means u have a F71 convert and a short hub means u have a F68.

All 4F50N have a midcase speed sensor

AXODE & AX4N  has 2 lock up solenoids, Is the Plug white or blue?, go by production date, 3.0L  2 valve Vulcan Motor, 3.0L 4 valve Duratec Motor(window side of bell), 6.0L 4 valve Duratec

AXODE Does it have a black or white speedo gear?

AX4N Pans have same size bolts

4F50N The side pan has 2 different bolt sizes

To order the transmission call 800-622-4836 and ask for the Sales Department.