This guide will help you to identify your transmission and assemble the information needed to order a replacement. As you go through the guide, the information we need to process your order will be printed in RED. Please read the entire guide before ordering. Thank you.

To properly identify your transmission the following information is needed:

Year Make Model Engine Size

The VIN 8th digit is the “Engine ID” and the 10th digit is the “Year”

Is the Engine Gas or Diesel? What is the CID?

Is the vehicle 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive?

E4OD- Heavy Duty Trucks 1989-Up

1992 ONLY Is the shift arm held on by an external nut? Yes or No (See Picture)

1992-UP (2WD ONLY) On the driver’s side, is there a Vehicle Speed Sensor in the tail housing or is the hole plugged? (See Picture)

1990-UP (2WD ONLY) (1992-Up – Only vehicles with speed sensor) Get 2nd row of numbers off the ID Tag located on driver’s side, rear side of case. (See Picture)

1989 ONLY Customer MUST count Speedo teeth – There is NO code information for this year.

2-Wheel Drive If vehicle is One Ton or larger is there a brake drum on the tail housing? Yes or No (See Picture)

Diesel Engines

1995 ¬†Does the converter have “4” or “6” Mounting Studs?

1996-Up Is the engine a Power Stroke Diesel? Yes or No

IMPORTANT NOTE** Due to a grounding problem, vehicles with the diesel engine often experience converter hub arcing. To correct this situation you MUST clean the starter and starter mounting area and install an external ground strap from the starter mounting bolt to the battery ground bolt on the engine block. If the vehicle has a snow plow you also need a ground strap from the engine block to the vehicle frame.

To order the transmission call 800-622-4836 and ask for the Sales Department.