All transmissions are covered by a limited warranty of 90 days Unlimited Miles, or one of the OPTIONAL One Year Unlimited or Three Year/100,000 Mile (whichever occurs first) Limited Warranties. For the duration of the warranty period, Fort Dodge Transmission will do any minor repairs or replace the transmission, at our discretion, in our shop, at no charge. If the vehicle is not able to come to our shop, it must go back to the shop that originally installed the unit. We will credit them a fixed labor rate at the FACTORY time for R&R or repair as found in Mitchell Pro Demand. We will also give you a fixed amount for fluid. If the vehicle is unable to be returned to our shop or the installing shop, buyer must contact Fort Dodge Transmission (1-800-622-4836) to be directed to an Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) or Automatic Transmission Service Group (ATSG) affiliated shop close to their location for evaluation. At that time, we will do one of the following: 1) Have the repairs done there. 2) Ship a replacement unit to them. or 3) Require the original unit to be returned to us for repairs. (In some cases the cost of repair may exceed the original purchase price from Fort Dodge Transmission, in which case the original purchase price will be refunded to fulfill all warranty obligations.)

Snow removal vehicles require prior approval for optional warranties.

*Note: We must approve all warranty work before starting!


  1. All warranties will be VOIDED for ANY FORM OF OVERHEATING!This includes but is not limited to inadequate cooling system, cooler line freeze-up, heavy pulling, loss of lock-up converter apply, and any form of cooler line restriction.
  2. The warranty can, at our discretion, be VOIDED for any of the following circumstances:
    1. Water in transmission or modulator, broken cases, twisted or broken shafts, or running the transmission low on fluid.
    2. Improper installation procedures including but not limited to:
      1. Improperly adjusted T.V. cable or linkage.
      2. Failure to do the following: install or improper installation of spin-on filter; properly flush cooler (this doesn’t mean blowing air through the lines).
      3. Improper clearance between the converter and flywheel.
    3. Low sprag (one-way clutch) failure, broken park or reverse band and their related parts.
    4. Not scanning, clearing codes, quick learning, or checking sensors on ECM controlled units.
    5. Failures caused by faulty electronic components, (ECM, vehicle speed sensors, manual lever position sensor, bad grounds, etc).
    6. Grounding problems where engine grounds through converter causing hub damage or premature internal bearing failure.
  3. Optional Limited Warranties: 
    1. Commercial vehicles and vehicles over 12,000 GVW require prior authorization for optional warranties, as mileage limitations may apply. Transmission may need to be returned to Fort Dodge Transmission for evaluation, repair, or replacement.
    2. Service and filter change is recommended every 20,000 miles or more often as needed (normal maintenance is still required).
  4. This warranty is limited to faulty workmanship or defective parts furnished by us and is NOT an unconditional guarantee against all hazards or failure and DOES NOT cover tow bills, unauthorized repairs, loss of use, or loss of earnings.
  5. Labor coverage for R&R applies only to the AUTO REPAIR facility that purchased the unit and install it themselves for profit. If the unit is installed by someone other than the shop who purchased the unit, there is NO LABOR coverage. Personally owned and employee owned vehicles are NOT covered. Sales to part stores or carry-out sales have NO labor coverage.
  6. Repair or replacement of transmission and/or torque converter does not extend the life of the warranty, and we reserve the right to repair or replace the unit as we see fit.
  7. We reserve the right to refund the wholesale price, plus freight, to fulfill warranty obligations.

Specific Legal Right

Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty will last. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and others which may vary from state to state.